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A Letter to Talents in the Arts, Cultural and Creative Industries


The Infinity of Arts, Culture and Creativity

A Leap of 10 Years

The COVID-19 crisis has changed human behaviour overnight and triggered a series of aftershocks that will affect how people and businesses interact with each other. It has also accelerated nearly a decade of digital evolution into a few concentrated months. Many may not weather this storm.

Those who can navigate their way through must find ways to transform and develop new products, services and strategies for the rapid market shift to the ‘virtual world’.

KALOS - Your Digital Agent

KALOS is your essential GPS amid the storm – a technology-driven platform connecting content providers and consumers to be launched. Artists, creators and educators can deliver and distribute their work directly to audience around the world anytime anywhere.

You can join KALOS at any stage of your work cycle and we will offer you solutions powered by human ingenuity and innovative AI analysis. Our service covers Business Development, Product Design, Production, Marketing, Payment Processing and the most important – IP Management. You will get professional tips and industry news related to your work, together with hands-on management of your portfolios, transactions and action items in your Dashboard.

Share to Enjoy the Value of Your Work

What you are offering has quality and value, there is a potential revenue stream to gain. We celebrate creativity and promote a respectful culture at KALOS. The design of our system facilitates the collection of fees from users and consumers of your content in different ways, e.g. membership subscription, royalty, commission as well as sales of services and merchandise.

We will also productise your untapped talents and convert them into social value and revenue in your account.

Find and Follow Your Customers

KALOS adopts the revolutionary omnichannel approach to map the customer journey and integrate all related channels and touchpoints: ecommerce marketplaces, mobile websites and apps, social media, messaging, email, voice commerce and even physical locations. You could then identify customer segments, the top conversion paths and prioritize your work and marketing effort accordingly.

KALOS gamifies consumption to attract frequent and repeated visits by users.

WE will do this together

While others are struggling to get their presence online, the one-stop service of KALOS will free you to focus on what matters: your creativity.

The transformation will start here with you. You are an important member of this new industries ecosystem incubating at KALOS. Help us to know what you need by taking the survey at the CO-CREATE WITH US page. Together we transform our future with creative values.

Yours sincerely,

Irene Au

Prime @ KALOS

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