Innovative Humanities

(n. phr.)

The humanities are the ways in which we make sense of our experience as human beings, often, retrospectively. But, Innovative Humanities unleash the human potential to imagine, to ideate, to create and to become; above all, to partake in the goodness of a future we share.


Founded in 1999, I Creation started off as a local firm specialising in planning and producing arts events in Hong Kong. Over the years, we witnessed many changes, both ups and downs, of the arts and cultural scene in Hong Kong, and I CREATION never ceased to be a part of this evolving scenery.

Today, I CREATION has grown into a Hong Kong-based company liaising between international artistic professionals and diverse audiences and learners of arts. We transform imaginative ideas of arts offered by these professionals into humanistic impacts for society.

To I Creation, progress in arts requires the germination of humanistic values among individuals and human flourishing in the ideation and practice of arts, culture and education. We initiate projects that engage the public to participate in innovative experiences of arts and in the shaping of collective efforts for the advancement of humanities through arts.