A Letter to Talents in the Arts, Cultural and Creative Industries

The COVID-19 crisis has changed human behaviour overnight and triggered a series of aftershocks that will affect how people and businesses interact with each other. It has also accelerated nearly a decade of digital evolution into a few concentrated months. Many may not weather this storm. Those who can navigate their way through must find ways to transform and develop new products, services and strategies for the rapid market shift to the ‘virtual world’...


This survey is for all creators and inventors including, but not limited to, artists, writers, composers, designers, programmers, architects, engineers, makers, performers, content creators of diverse media, educators of various disciplines and so on ... even if you haven't yet started any businesses on your own, we would like to know your dreams, thoughts and visions!

You are an important member of this new industries ecosystem incubating here at KALOS.

Help us to know what you need by taking the survey. Together we transform our future with creative values.